ScalaIO 2017: “Kleisli, your best friend”

Watch the video: ScalaIO 2017: “Kleisli, your best friend”

Xavier Bucchiotty (Engineering Director) and Tristan Sallé (Senior Software Engineer) presented a solid case for the use of the Kleisli datatype at Teads. The talk covered the different functional programming concepts introduced and step by step instructions on how to use them in production.

Our speaker(s)

Tristan Sallé
Senior Software Engineer
Software engineer with a preference for the back-end side, I’ve been working on the SSP at Teads since its beginning and we had to face a fairly large number of technical challenges along the way. We grew a lot as a team and I’m learning how to make this impactful service scale properly with our growing business every day. I’m also responsible for our Scala trainings and I like to share on what I have been discovering during my journey.
Xavier Bucchiotty
Director of Engineering
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