AWS Instance Specifications

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This small dataset contains instance specifications gathered on the AWS documentation as of October 2020.

It was initially created to translate our billing reports into data that better reflect the physical reality of our infrastructure. This is described in this article: Evaluating the carbon footprint of a software platform hosted in the cloud.


Columns description:

  • instance_type – AWS instance name
  • vcpu – Number of vCPU for this instance type
  • memory – RAM quantity (GiB) for this instance type
  • storage – Storage information for this instance type
  • processor_family – Processor information for this instance type
  • family_max_vcpu – Maximum number of vCPU for this instance family
  • physical_instance_ratio – vcpu/family_max_vcpu


CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) – Public Domain Dedication

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