What’s new for the Ad Tech announced during the WWDC 2022

Watch the video: What’s new for the Ad Tech announced during the WWDC 2022

On the 7th of September, Apple will hold an event where the next iPhone will be revealed. At this event, they will also announce a date for the launch of the next iOS version: iOS 16. Generally, the launch happens one week after the event. We can expect a launch on Monday 12th of September. So now is a good time, if you did not do already, to see the content posted during the last WWDC.

Our speaker(s)

Robert Dupuy
VP Engineering
We don’t compromise quality for speed
Cyrille Dubarry
Engineering Manager
Alban Perillat-Merceroz
Engineering Manager in Tech Montpellier
Han Ju
Senior Software Engineer
Tristan Sallé
Senior Software Engineer
Xavier Bucchiotty
Director of Engineering
Putting people in condition of success
Loïc Jaures
SVP Technology
Jean-Baptiste Pringuey
VP Engineering
Innovate constantly to sustain our growth
Kévin Margueritte
Software Engineer
Benjamin Davy
Sustainability Director
There is an important lack of resources to measure the impact of digital services. I’m glad and thankful to be able to work on this issue with such a motivated team!
Antoine Brechon
Engineering Manager - Infrastructure Team
Damien Pacaud
Former Infrastructure Director
Matthias Kunter
Senior Software Engineer @ Analytics
Benoit Daviaud
Senior Software Engineer @ Buying Engine
Damien Islam-Frenoy
Chief Technology Officer
Innovation is at the heart of our business
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