DevopsRex Paris 2018: “Scaling on-call”

Watch the video: DevopsRex Paris 2018: “Scaling on-call”

Our Infrastructure Director of Engineering, Damien, was on stage to share the journey of our on-call team, ensuring the availability of our platform when everybody is sleeping. In this quick session, he presents the different steps the team took and the challenges they had to overcome. From creating a specific on-call organisation, to documentation headaches and post-mortem practices.

Finally, he details our current organisation, why we choose to pair people to be on-call together and potential next steps to keep up with the growth of the engineering at Teads.

Our speaker(s)

Robert Dupuy
VP Engineering
Natural born geek with an entrepreneur spirit that loves to discuss around anything tech related, management related or neat cultural differences. My main focus has always been building dev and infra teams, leading them to scale the business in a very automated way.
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