Scala IO 2018: “Scala code review best practices”

Watch the video: Scala IO 2018: “Scala code review best practices”

Tristan Sallé, Senior Software Engineer from our SSP feature team, was on stage during ScalaIO 2018to talk about code reviews.

In this session, Tristan reminds the purpose of doing code reviews and several principles to apply to make them useful and efficient. He also describes how code reviews are organized at Teads and how we try to make them as profitable as possible for all parties involved.

Our speaker(s)

Tristan Sallé
Senior Software Engineer
Software engineer with a preference for the back-end side, I’ve been working on the SSP at Teads since its beginning and we had to face a fairly large number of technical challenges along the way. We grew a lot as a team and I’m learning how to make this impactful service scale properly with our growing business every day. I’m also responsible for our Scala trainings and I like to share on what I have been discovering during my journey.
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